• Pleated Blinds

    Pleated and Honeycomb / Cellular blinds – the solution to unusual shaped windows

Pleated blinds have long been used as a conservatory solution but are now commonplace on conventional windows too.

Due to the unique properties of the material used to create the pleated blind, it can be cut into all shapes and sizes and suspended at angles, which is a great solution for wide or tall expanses of glass and possibly makes it the most versatile of all blind materials.

The pleated blind fabric forms a concertina in shape so it can be stretched or folded back.  It can be opened up or closed fully to control light, and when it is open it collapses into a small stack which maximises the amount of light allowed into the room.

Because it is so versatile for unusual window shapes it is often chosen for conservatory roofs, glazed gables, roof lights and apex windows.  Making it even more appropriate for these applications, the fabric has options to come with blackout backing for fantastic insulation from incoming and escaping heat.  It also can have an SPC coating (sun protection) to reflect heat and glare whilst still allowing natural light into the room.

We have a wide selection of fabrics, colours and patterns for pleated blinds and some of the ranges can be used for vertical blinds and roller blinds too.  So, if you want to mix and match your blind styles in the same room, they will all look beautifully coordinated.

Operation of Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds can be free hanging and cord operated or fitted within a Perfect Fit frame system, so no cords are necessary.  It is worth noting here that all our cords are fitted with child safety devices as standard, for free. 

The Perfect Fit system allows the blind to be fitted with no drilling of holes or screws being used.  It also means that the blind stays in place, flush against the glass, when the window or door is opened and closed.

Honeycomb / Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb / cellular blinds are the cream of the crop!  The quality of their properties are such that they demand a higher price point… but it is easily argued that they are well worth the investment.

The honeycomb / cellular construction means that they have small pockets of air at the centre of the double layer of fabric.  This maximises their insulation properties making them fantastic for any areas with heat issues, particularly keeping the cold out and the warmth in.

It has been shown, through independent testing, that the cellular construction has additional sound acoustic properties too, compared to standard pleated blinds.

They operate as a pleated blind would and so are an ideal solution to unusual shaped windows or roof lights.

Both pleated and honeycomb/cellular blinds are most definitely firm favourites with our clients due to their versatility and amazing properties.

If you would like to know more about how blinds can dress your windows up, then please just contact us.  Our expert team are here to help you.




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