Unfortunately, the past has shown us that corded blinds are a lethal hazard to children.

There have been 17000 accidents involving young children and blind cords over the last 25 years, with 300 of these accidents resulting in death.

Legislation is now in place to ensure this doesn’t happen and all our blinds are fitted with child safe cords as standard.

All our blinds either have safety devices fitted to keep looped cords safe or have built in breakaway connectors to ensure that if any pressure is put on the cord it snaps open (easily put back together again if opened by accident). We also have safe by design which have no cords.

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Child Safe Blinds – what does it mean? – Gavin’s notes

When it comes to choosing your blinds making sure they are safe for children to be around is of the upmost importance and is now required by law.  Nearly 17000 young children were hurt by window blinds between 1990-2015 with 300 accidents resulting in death.

All our blinds are either safe by design with no chords or we fit safety devices to keep looped cords safe of they have built in breakaway features to respond to unnecessary pressure on the blind cord. 

If you need any free advice on child safety, call today and our team are happy to help.

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