Discover the cost-effective and innovative Perfect Fit Blinds, a game-changer in the world of window treatments. Designed specifically for commercial clients, this product simplifies the measuring process, ensures easy installation, and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Setting itself apart from typical blinds, the Perfect Fit Blinds, eliminates the need for any external framework. Say goodbye to dark and gloomy spaces – embrace the influx of natural light and enjoy an enhanced view from the inside. This revolutionary design also effortlessly clips onto your existing uPVC window frames, allowing for effortless removal during cleaning or redecorating.

Experience the perfect blend of practicality and style with the Perfect Fit Blinds, enabling you to create a commercial space that is both inviting and visually appealing.

Contact us today to learn more about this affordable and innovative window treatment option, and witness first-hand how it can transform your commercial space.

Elevate your business with the Perfect Fit Blinds – where affordability and innovation converge.

Introducing Perfect Fit Shutters: The Ultimate Shading Solution for Commercial Spaces

Elevate your commercial environment with Perfect Fit Blinds, a truly remarkable innovation proudly manufactured in the UK. These unique and stylish shading solutions redefine convenience, durability, and aesthetic appeal for businesses like yours.

Featuring a hassle-free installation process and low maintenance requirements, Perfect Fit Blinds are designed with the busy commercial client in mind. Experience the ease and efficiency of transforming your space with this must-have addition tailored for the modern commercial setting.

One standout feature of our Perfect Fit Blinds is its seamless integration with windows and doors, enabling clutter-free window ledges. As it opens in harmony with the window or door, you can maintain a sleek and organized appearance throughout your commercial space.

Moreover, these blinds are expertly fitted directly onto the uPVC window frames, ensuring a slender and sophisticated aesthetic both internally and externally. Give your business a touch of elegance and modernity that sets it apart from the rest.

With Perfect Fit Blinds you have complete control over light and privacy. Effortlessly tilt the shutter louvres to any desired angle – whether you prefer them fully open, closed, or somewhere in between. Adapt your workspace to suit your unique preferences and needs at any given moment.

Transform your commercial environment into an oasis of style, functionality, and professionalism with Perfect Fit Blinds.

Discover the Exceptional Functionality of the Perfect Fit Blinds System for Your Commercial Space

The Perfect Fit Blinds System offers an innovative solution that is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of commercial clients. This system seamlessly integrates your chosen blind into a sleek and stylish frame that fits flush against the glass, resulting in a flawless aesthetic.

The Perfect Fit Blinds System not only holds the blind securely in place when your window or door is opened, but it also delivers superior thermal efficiency. By positioning the blind in close proximity to the glass, it dramatically reduces heat build-up during summer and helps retain indoor heat during winter.

Experience enhanced privacy and optimised light retention with the flush fitting frame of the Perfect Fit system. Shield your commercial space from prying eyes while enjoying an abundance of natural light streaming through the windows.

The installation of the Perfect Fit Blinds System is both hassle-free and versatile. The brackets that hold the blind’s frame slide effortlessly into the beading of the window or door frame, allowing the Perfect Fit frame to simply click into place. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of the Perfect Fit system on both uPVC and aluminium windows and doors without the need for drilling holes or using screw fixings.

Experience the durability and resilience of the Perfect Fit system, which is constructed using high-quality aluminium profiles and hard plastic corner covers.

Transform your commercial space with the exceptional functionality and stylish design of the Perfect Fit Blinds System. Contact us today to learn more and explore the possibilities for your business.

  • Low cost shutter.

  • Easy to measure and install.

  • Moves with the windows and doors.

  • Allows in more light because the louvres sit closer to the glass and there is less framework than a conventional shutter.

  • Less framework allows for an improved view thorough to the outside.

  • Can be easily removed for cleaning or decorating.

  • Walls don’t need to be drilled and caulked after fitting.

  • Leaves window sills clutter free.

  • Waterproof – can be wiped clean.

  • Can be fitted to inward opening windows and also French or patio doors.

  • Available in Cotton White and Arctic White.

  • 10 year guarantee.

  • Made in the UK.

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