A vertical blind combines easy maintenance and excellent light control with beauty, textures, colours and patterns.

For large or small windows, French doors, patio doors, conservatories or bay windows, our range of vertical blinds allow you to easily create the settings and moods you desire. We offer bespoke curved tracks made to fit your bay window and arched windows. We also offer angled vertical blinds to suit sloping windows.

Our vertical blinds are available in both 89mm and 127mm fabric widths and because many of our fabrics are now machine washable, you can also considerably extend the life and appearance of your blinds. Choose from jacquards, prints, sheers, translucent, blackout, waterproof and flame-retardant materials to find your perfect vertical blind solution.

Whatever the function of the room, vertical blinds dress every window perfectly. They are the most popular window blind for good reason!

Functionality and versatility, mixed with a huge range of fabrics, make them a stunning addition to any room.

The traditional ‘off-white’ commercial looking vertical is no longer the norm. Vertical blinds can be designed to compliment any room’s décor, whilst having perfect functionality at the same time.

Large windows, and expanses of glazing, are made for the vertical. And, for those bay or arched windows, bespoke curved tracks are available. We also offer angled vertical blinds to suit sloping windows!

Functionality of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer the perfect solution for light control in any room. Louvres can be rotated through 180° to allow the perfect level of light in, no matter what the sun’s position. They retract back partially or fully and sit seamlessly within any space.

Wide window? No problem. Our verticals come in widths of up to five metres and, with a careful selection of fabric, can become a stunning feature whilst being a discreet light management system.

You have a choice of cord operated blinds with safety devices fitted by us as standard, wand operated or motorised blinds.

Choose from plains, prints, sheers, translucent screen fabric, blackout, waterproof and flame retardant fabric, which is required by law in every commercial building.

And, don’t worry if you have or want different types of blinds in the same room. Many vertical fabrics are available for co-ordinating roller and pleated blinds too.

The only negative comment we ever hear about vertical blinds is that the bottom chain can break and get caught up. Well, not on our watch! Our solution… we offer chainless, weighted blinds which always keep the louvres in exactly the right position.

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