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    Do you have a conservatory which you hardly use due to it always being too hot or too cold?

Our range of conservatory blinds could provide you with the solution to gain that extra room back.

The problem became almost epidemic in the mid 1990’s when the conservatory market was in full boom.  People loved the idea, and designs became more and more complex.  But the issues of large glass expanses in a room and roof just hadn’t been thought through.

The summer months saw the conservatory basically become a greenhouse for humans, whilst in winter it was sub-zero… and so the dream of that extra space in the home was shattered.

This, fortunately, is no longer the case.

Having professionally fitted conservatory blinds to the roof and windows will give you your stylish living space back whilst controlling the temperature all year round.

Conservatory Blinds

No matter what shape or style your conservatory is, we have the experience, expertise and products to create the environment you desire.

Whether you are dressing a spacious conservatory, modern orangery, or a compact lean-to, we have the blinds for you.

You can choose from:

We have a wide selection of fabrics, colours and patterns for pleated blinds and some of the ranges can be used for vertical blinds and roller blinds too. So, if you want to mix and match your blind styles in the same room, they will all look beautifully coordinated.

Roof Blinds

As one of the leading UK roof blind specialists, we offer the most comprehensive, up to date systems on the market.

You can choose your fitting method.  We have the traditional screw fix blinds, but also the Perfect Fit system which slots straight into the beading with no drilling of holes and no screws.

We have fully motorised operating systems, so you can open and close your blinds at the touch of a button.  If you would rather have a non-motorised system, we fit them with a twist lock pole that clamps onto the handle on the rail for ease of operation.

Perfect Fit blinds are one of the most versatile solutions for unusual shaped roof panels, including obtuse angles, as each panel is manufactured to your exact specifications to fit ‘perfectly’.  With no drilling holes, your roof structure is left completely intact with this system.

To ensure the heat of the sun is kept out and the inside warmth not allowed to escape, we have thermal efficient SPC and ESP blackout fabrics.

When it comes to conservatory blinds, the choice is yours. Our expert team will provide advice and guidance on the best systems and styles for your room and provide you with a free no-nonsense quotation.  If you would like to know more then please just give us a call.

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