With today’s ever-changing lifestyles and with technology allowing us to do more remotely and automatically, affordable motorised blinds add innovation and integration to your domestic and commercial interiors.

Motorised blinds come in all shapes, styles and sizes.  They can be installed as part of a smart home or commercial project, or simply for your convenience.  And, with no wires to install, your interior decoration remains intact. 

Technology has advanced so quickly that you can now control your blinds with remote control, through voice activation, a wall switch, or from an app on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

This makes motorised blinds not only convenient and easy to use but they also can improve home security.  If you stay out unexpectedly or are away for a night, you can close your blinds remotely from the app, indicating to the outside world that someone is home.

Your blinds can be timer operated, so if you are away on holiday it gives the appearance that someone is in.  All the blinds can be controlled together, or different blinds can be controlled individually.  For example, downstairs blinds could be closed in the early evening, with bedroom blinds being closed later.

The Functions of Motorised Blinds

Motorised blinds are quick to install as they are wire-free and can make a real difference if someone has limited mobility or is away on a regular basis.  But equally, people who love gadgets love these systems, as well as those who just want to give an ultra-luxurious feel to their home.

Whatever your requirements, we will have the system for you.

Motorised Blinds – Key Benefits

  • Innovative yet affordable contemporary technology for modern home or office
  • Child safe by design
  • Simple, convenient and easy to use
  • Operation with remote or voice control within the home or with the app from anywhere
  • Control multiple blinds individually or all together
  • Improved home security using the timer, remote or app to control the blinds when you are out or away
  • Straight forward assembly enables blinds to be installed quickly
  • Mains powered systems also available for larger blinds and commercial operations

How They Work

We look after all the setup of the technology for you

The window blind market is rapidly changing with the introduction of wire free motorised blinds.

The blind’s integrated battery operation is exceptionally quiet and discreetly hidden from view.  The motors are very reasonably priced and are available for a variety of different styles of blinds.  We supply a variety of quality motors including Somfy, who are the market leaders.

The lithium, rechargeable battery-powered motors will last up to six months of normal use before needing to be charged.

The home hub connects to your wi-fi so that your blinds can be controlled from your phone or tablet – they even connect to Alexa, Dot, Echo and Google Home devices.

You can control up to 15 blinds per room from the app, which is available for Apple and Android.  Your blinds can be controlled individually or all together.

Downloading and setting up the app couldn’t be simpler.   Once downloaded it will pair with your blinds and you are then able to control your blinds at any time, from any place.

We will set up any technology you require whilst with you, including the app, naming rooms and blinds so you know how to control each one, and link your home hub to your Wi-Fi.

If you would like your blinds to operate at the touch of a button, then simply contact our team of experts who will be happy to provide free advice and guidance, as well as a free quotation.  We are the motorised blind experts, here to help you.

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